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Software for management of engineering projects


Contact person:        

Sebastian Kania



The system is designed for management of resources, as well as tracking and reporting working time for each project.
The software allows for controlling the progress of labor consumption of the project and creating  a company’s database containing already completed projects, their difficulty level and number of persons involved in each part of such projects.

The system consists of two applications operating in Windows environment.
The workplace application is installed on all the computers in the system.
The second application for resource management and reporting is installed on computers of authorized users.
The system records the time of active work on a given project, as well as the moments when the engineers log in to their computers.


Workplace application:

  • Automatic logging in to the system after logging in to the operating system,
  • User verification based on login in Windows OS,
  • Calculating working time for each selected project,
  • Calculating working time for each selected user,
  • Detecting user’s inactivity, recording work breaks.


Managing application:

  • Adding new projects and editing data,
  • Assigning users for particular projects,
  • Generating monthly reports broken down into users,
  • Ability to export the data from the reports to  *.csv files,
  • Visual presentation of the project summary in the form of bar charts, pie charts (e.g. proportional share of given users in the project, diagram presenting workload in a time function),
  • Visual presentation of users’ participation in various projects in any time period,
  • Ability to add working time on a project spent outside the office (business trips, meetings   with clients).


List of EC NAVIGATOR software modules:

  • Project management module,
  • Time module,
  • Report module,
  • Users account module,
  • Planning module.